Changes at JoDI


As new editor-in-chief, I want to welcome you to the JoDI Blog. Over the next day or so we will be publishing a new issue (12.3) of JoDI. With this publication we will be marking a couple of important transitions. The first, and more perfunctory, is the official transition to a new editor-in-chief. As editor-in-chief, I will use this blog to make announcements about upcoming issues, new themes and section editors, as well as calling attention to activities and publications that may be of extraordinary interest to JoDI readers. During the next few months we will be talking with many of you about ideas for new themes and will report the results of those conversations on this blog.


The second, and more significant transition that we are marking is not just John’s departure from his role as JoDI EIC, but, his retirement from Texas A&M University. After many years of service as a faculty member, researcher, advisor, mentor and administrator, John will be moving on. So, my first order of business is to acknowledge that important transition and, on behalf of the current and past editors and authors that have made JoDI what it has become, to say thank you to John for his years of service to JoDI and to the community of researchers and scholars among whom he has worked for decades.


Finally, a note about the Open Repositories 2011 Special Issue. We have invited Tom Cramer, director of Stanford University’s digital library and chair of the OR2011 Program Committee, to edit this issue, and the response to his call for papers has been very well received.


I look forward to serving in my new role and welcome your ideas, conversations, comments and suggestions about how we can continue to provide a high quality journal for our readers and authors around the world.


Mark McFarland
University of Texas at Austin
Texas Digital Library

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