The mission of the Texas Digital Library (TDL) is to enable each of its member libraries to advance a program of digital initiatives in support of research, scholarship, and learning. We endeavor to be the hub for library and cultural institutions in Texas and its neighboring states: connecting these institutions to resources and each other. We provide resources and services to preserve and make openly accessible digital scholarly materials. Our staff implement sustainable, evolving, and stable technologies, services, and infrastructure for access and secure storage of digital materials. We strive to lead the digital library community by anticipating and exceeding our member institutions’ expectations, and we encourage collaboration, experimentation, and frank discussion. We evolve our thinking and approach to problem-solving;  respond to new challenges with an experienced, agile and nimble organization; and advance the reach and success of our constituents.



Respect for the talent and expertise of member librarians and staff.


Sharing, Collaboration & Partnership to advance digital services.


Leadership in the development of innovative services.

Member-focused in the development of our strategic vision and the pursuit of our mission.



By the end of Spring 2014 we will be fully staffed and will have established communities and workflows to begin addressing the most pressing needs expressed by our members at their institutions, most notably data management planning and preservation services.


To realize these two goals we have taken the following actions:

  • Posted job descriptions and embarked on a national search to recruit an information architect and a software engineer to help us address our technical debt, (i.e. projects that have gone fallow or not yet begun while we keep daily operations going).

  • Pursued and secured consortial pricing for preservation services at DuraCloud for our members. Working closely with our members and potential partners, our goal is to identify pilot collections for ingestion by early Spring 2014.

  • Begun coordination of libraries and cultural heritage institutions in Texas to coordinate metadata policies, data management planning policies and practices, and preservation planning that ensure successful ingest, preservation, and access to all the riches in special collections and the scholarly record in the state.

By Fall 2015 TDL’s membership will be home to many productive working groups and communities that will create policies and implement practices that provide access to the riches of our collections, from the locations on-site and on-line of the user’s choice.  We will host and/or provide support and consultation for institutional repositories; electronic theses and dissertation workflow management software; large-scale digitization; and preservation.

Our efforts during this period will result in the following:


  • Robust communities led by our members whose work sets national standards for metadata, data management, and digital preservation.

  • Reliable hosted services for institutional repositories.  SHARE?

  • Exemplary digital preservation programs that address immediate needs and inform design of and build momentum for larger academic preservation initiatives such as DPN

TDL’s greatest strength is the collective expertise and dedication of our members

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